Good books and Stack Overflow

Quick post, mostly to recommend two books:

  • Search Patterns: as you may know from my previous post, we are brainstorming about search at my work, and this book is a great place to get the discussion started. Not very technical, its clear goal is to make you think about search in novel ways, and not to teach you how to copy what has already been done.Great read!
  • Programing Pig: to get started with this higher language of Hadoop, written by one of the original engineer working on Pig at Yahoo. Getting slowly out of date, but still a good place to get the fundamentals of Pig.

Otherwise, after years of using it, I finally started contributing to Stack Overflow. I hadn’t realized how exciting it is to win reputation… and how competitive it gets when a question has an easy answer, you only have a few minutes to write it!
My only concern, so far my answers have mostly been hacks (e.g. this format switcher) instead of deep, insightful comments about a language or program. But if it’s useful to someone, great! I’m glad I can finally upvote answers and write comments.

Finally, I’ve discovered Reddit AWW and can’t get enough 😉