First post – Welcome to my blog!

Hello world!

As I’m leaving academia for good (here is my old website), it is time to start fresh with a brand new website. It is here to stay (the url and hosting does not depend on anyone but me), it has a great blog (thanks WordPress!), and it can be expended at will!

This blog will mostly let me talk about technologies I’m investigating for my work as a data scientist. That said, I love NYC (especially the restaurants) and Montreal, I have a soft spot for music technology which I studied in grad school, I think the Canadiens is the best NHL team ever, and I might comment on those too!

Finally, if something I post is useful to you, don’t hesitate to send me en email! I’m always interested to hear about people working on similar problems. For instance, I try to share my code (often python) whenever it makes sense.



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