Encouraging Code Sharing for Research

A great idea was suggested by E. J. Humphrey on the music-ir mailing list today, on how to encourage people to share more code when publishing research at ISMIR (the main music technology conference). You can read his full proposal here: Encouraging Code Sharing at ISMIR.

In short, it recommends to be able to submit code along your paper, and to have that acknowledged in the online proceedings (e.g., by an extra icon). I love this idea because:

  • it is not restrictive, organizations that really can’t share their code (some companies?) won’t be prevented from submitting;
  • it acknowledges the effort of people that do share their code;
  • it improves research reproducibility, which benefits every one;
  • it sets the right mindset: “this community values code sharing”.

As a bonus, as Eric mentions, developing research code knowing that other people will actually use it might make the code better!
This idea is probably not that new, I’m sure some conferences already implement such a system. But I also know many that would benefit from it.

Code sharing is good for research. Period.


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