Thierry Bertin-Mahieux

Work Experience
Co-founder / CTO – early stage AI + retail startup, 2019-
Software Engineer – YouTube, Google, Paris France, 2016-2019
Software Engineer – Play Books, Google, New York NY, 2015-2016
Director of Data Science, Oyster, New York NY, 2014-2015
Data Scientist, Birchbox, New York NY, 2013-2014
Intern, Google, New York NY, 2012
Intern, The Echo Nest, Somerville MA, 2011
Intern, IREQ, Quebec, CAN, 2009
Intern, Sun Microsystems, Burlington MA, 2007

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Montreal
B.Sc. Mathematics,University of Montreal (1 year spent in France, Université Paris VII)


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Academic Activities
ISMIR Steering Committee, student member (nominated), 2012
Creator, Million Song Dataset, 2011
General Chair, Workshop on the Future of MIR – f(MIR), 2009-2011
Registration Chair, WASPAA 2011
Program Committee, WOMRAD 2011
Invited Speaker, McGill CIRMMT Workshop, 2012
Invited Speaker, NYU Music Tech Seminar, 2008
CIRMMT co-leader, information retrieval axis, 2007-2008
Reviewed for ISMIR, ICASSP, Journal of New Music Research

Awards & Others
NSERC Scholarship, 2009-2012
FQRNT Scholarship, 2009-2012 (declined)
MSTA Fellowship, Columbia University, 2008-2009
Best Student Paper Award, ISMIR08, 2008
Dean’s list, University of Montreal, 2006
Quebec Mobility Scholarship, 2003-2004
Exchange Scholarship, University of Montreal, Mathematics Department, 2003-2004
“Bourse d’accueil” Scholarship, University of Montreal, 2002